404 Awards Banquet


The 404 Awards Banquet was brainstormed at the 2004 conference, and the inaugural banquet held during the 2005 conference in San Antonio, TX. It was an overwhelming success, and has become an annual tradition that most NETC Conference attendees look forward to.

As you can tell from the picture (2014 NETC Conference in Manhattan, KS), this is not a formal banquet. Instead, it is an opportunity to have a good meal, a couple adult beverages, some great conversations, and tell a story or two.

The highlight of the 404 Awards Banquet is the stories, and the awards. The best stories are usually the ones we tell about ourselves. Ones where we screw something up, or when we do things that only make the situation worse.

Stories have included:

  • Displaying inappropriate drawings on a video conferencing white board
  • Pulling a dead gold fish out of a printer on Christmas Eve
  • Accidentally blocking a website from being indexed by Google – for about a year
  • Inadvertently sending out e-mail to all county staff
  • How to get an IT job without having any IT experience
  • Typing the “Find User” (fu) command into the wrong window

Everybody working in IT has a story. So bring it along, and you too, could win a coveted 404 Award. And if you’re really lucky, your director might just complement you on being a national award winner.