Conference Scholarships

In March 2015, the NETC steering committee decided to use $1500 each year to encourage new people to attend the NETC conference. This money will be used to provide scholarships equal to the cost of registration for some first time conference attendees.

Ground Rules:

  • $1500 will be used for scholarships. Divide this amount by the cost of registration to get the number of scholarships given. In 2015, this will be 3 scholarships.
  • The amount of scholarship will be for registration, the NETC steering committee will not pay for travel expenses, hotel, meals, or other misc. expenses.
  • Although multiple people from any institution can apply for this scholarship, a maximum of one scholarship per institution will be awarded.
  • Applications for scholarships will be open at the same time registration for the conference opens, and will be open for one week.
  • After one week, the NETC steering committee will do a random drawing to determine who the scholarships will be awarded to.
  • All scholarship applicants will be notified by e-mail whether they receive the scholarship or not.
  • Even if someone doesn’t win a scholarship, we still encourage them to attend the conference.