Award for Individual Excellence


The National Extension Technology Community (NETC) Award for Individual Excellence recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a strong work ethic, commitment to service, and exceptional job performance. The award honors outstanding effort, encourages workplace creativity and innovation, and celebrates the achievements of information technology professionals serving the Cooperative Extension community.


One award will be presented each year given that nominations of sufficient substance are submitted. Each award winner will receive an engraved award and a framed certificate to be presented at the NETC Annual Conference.


Eligible professionals must be active members of the NETC and employed by an 1862, 1890, or 1994 land-grant institution for a minimum of two continuous years in a position whose assignments and workloads have focused significantly (effective FTE is 51% or more) on providing information technology services to Cooperative Extension programs. IT professionals are not eligible to compete for this award if they are a current member of the NETC Board.

Process and Timeline

A call for nominations will be issued in November of each year with the expectation that the award will be presented at the NETC Annual Conference the following year.

A standard nomination form, created and maintained by the NETC Board, will be used.

The institution hosting the next NETC Annual Conference (the “Host Institution”) will be responsible for managing the nomination and selection processes with the guidance of the NETC Board.

The selection committee will review the nominations and, using a common rating sheet, will select the award recipient.

General timeline for nomination, selection and presentation of the award:

  • Nov – Feb: Call for nominations
  • Jan – Feb: Assemble Selection Committee
  • Mar – Apr: Review nominations and select award winner
  • Apr – May: Prepare award and award presentation
  • May – Aug: Present award at the NETC Annual Conference

Selection Committee

The NETC Board will form a selection committee comprised of IT professionals and Cooperative Extension leadership. At a minimum, the selection committee should include:

  • a representative from each region as defined by the NETC Bylaws
  • a representative from the institution hosting the next NETC Annual Conference
  • selected past award winner(s).

The NETC Vice President will serve as the chair of the selection committee.