What can I expect from membership?

You can expect to gain a network of peers who face similar challenges as you do. Members can connect with one another though our member directory and email list, our monthly gatherings, and our yearly conference. You can expect to learn and grow! The Community encourages continuous self-improvement among members by providing opportunities throughout the year including, but not limited to:
  • A national conference
  • Resume-building opportunities to educate and train other members
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Member-only resources
You can expect to get recognition for excellent work. The Community has an awards program for team, individual, and innovation. You will be welcomed. The Community strives to create an environment where every member feels valued and respected, a commitment that is fundamental to both the health of our community and to our mission as public servants within the land-grant system.

Who can join?

Community membership is open to any person who:
  • Works for one of the nation’s more than 100 land-grant institutions.
  • Works in an information technology field such as client support, web support, digital marketing, and applied technology.
NETC membership is required for the 2021 Virtual Conference June 15th -16th.  Due to university restrictions on purchasing memberships vs conferences – we have set up two payment options. You only need to select and purchase one.
  1. Virtual conference access with annual membership included Conference Registration
  2. Annual membership with access to the virtual conference Membership Registration (Includes Conference Attendance)