February 2019 Recording: IT Management: The value of a Strategic Staffing Plan

Recorded February 12, 2019
Length: 57:59
Led by Brian Watson, University of Georgia

When Brian Watson became the IT Director for the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, one of his early goals was to develop a Long-Term Staffing Plan for the Office of Information Technology. This document would serve as a reference describing the Office of Information Technology as it would ideally be organized and staffed to provide superior organizational support across the spectrum of IT disciplines. It is intended that, as resources expand and contract, this plan will continually guide the alignment of resources.

Please join Brian as he explains why the Staffing Plan was needed, how he went about developing this document and how it is used to facilitate decision-making and communicate priorities.

This gathering will benefit ALL IT professionals. The goal of this session is to help the IT Manager develop ideas for strategically managing people and resources while, hopefully, also revealing to the non-manager the significance of his or her role in the organizational big picture.