Greg Johll – Retiring after 30 years of service

Director of Educational Technology Support

From Deanna Schneider:

Greg is retiring in July with 30 years of service to the people of Wisconsin through his multiple roles with Extension. For the last 25 years, Greg has been the IT Director, leading folks through changes such as the dawn of email, a consolidated central login system, the rise of the world wide web, and multiple reporting systems. Through it all, Greg’s commitment to servant leadership has created a tight knit group of IT professionals that owe him a debt of gratitude. Thank you, Greg!

Portrait of Greg Johll

From Megan Wecker:

Greg is the kind of person who didn’t want a big party when he retired. He didn’t want speeches or a ton of attention. He did, however, allow us to send him off with 2 hours of exclusive use of a retro gaming arcade and cake!
Greg- Thanks for being a great boss and always having our 6 (even against a hoard of zombies.)

A man and a woman look to the right of the camera deeply engaged in an arcade shooter off-screen