Mary Poling – Retirement

Coordinator for Interactive Communication, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service

Mary Poling has worked for the Information Technology department for 8+ years. Her energy, determination, and drive never cease to amaze us. She is dedicated and committed to our organization and tireless in her pursuit of excellence and attention to detail. As Coordinator for Interactive Communications, her mission is to consult, advise, and train employees in webinar and meeting options and best practices. She not only accomplishes these tasks; she exceeds all expectations. Mary coordinates webinars and offers support for meetings. Without her help, these sessions would have cost Extension thousands of dollars in travel expenses and time. She is the center of our 21st-century approach to Extension education. Mary’s degree of professionalism and excellent people skills cast her as a standout among Extension employees. She is a leader in video communications for all of Extension. She has been recognized locally and nationally for her expertise and creativity with video communication technology. Mary loves people, which reflects how well her position is received within the Extension family. Mary is retiring on July 15th this year. We love her and will miss her dearly. She is our IT Extension family.