NETC Hall of Fame Nominations

Deadline for nominations is February 20th, 2023.

Thank you for being a member of the National Extension Technology Community (NETC). It is members, like you, who make the community what it is.

As the community evolves, we want to ensure that we recognize and honor active and ambitious members who have substantially contributed to the community over the years. As such, we are in the process of creating a NETC Hall of Fame (HoF). The board is seeking member input as to who should be among our first year group of inductees. Nominees should have a long history with the NETC, even going back to the early years of NETC (1986).

Please think of your experience over the years and nominate individuals who you believe have truly shaped the organization into what it is today. Take into account:

  • length of membership and/or number of conferences attended,  
  • number of presentations at conferences and/or Gatherings,  
  • outstanding contributions that have had an impact on the NETC,  
  • service on the steering committee and/or the NETC board, and  
  • if they’ve hosted a conference and/or strategic planning session.  

All of these actions are important to keep the community alive and thriving and will be criteria used to make selections.

Nominate who you believe deserve recognition into the HoF. Nominations will be evaluated on the aforementioned criteria. It is our goal to invite up to 10 people to the 2023 conference to be recognized and inducted into our HoF. Moving forward, the HoF will induct one person each year (more on that later).

As you submit your nominees, please provide any information related to the evaluation criteria you believe will be helpful in making a selection. The more information provided, the better. The 2023 nomination window will be Wednesday, February 8th – EOD on Monday, February 20th. If you have any questions, please contact the board via email at

Thank you,

NETC Board Members

NETC Hall of Fame Nomination Form