Rusty Presley portrait

Rusty Presley

Submitted by: Brian Watson

There is not much that Rusty has not done as a part of the NETC. Like Duane Rigsby, Rusty has been an ever-present fixture at annual conferences and as a leader within the professional organization. He has hosted the NETC annual conference, served on the Steering Committee and the NETC Board, and has presented or facilitated a significant number of conference sessions over the years. Rusty was also instrumental in helping Duane Rigsby transition NETC from an annual conference into a national-level professional organization.

Submitted by: Robin Ertz

I am writing to nominate Rusty Presley for the National Extension Technology Community’s Hall of Fame. Rusty has been an active proponent of NETC since I first met him back in 1997. The information I’m providing is based on what I know, so please keep in mind there may be more to his service than I can recall. As far as I know, Rusty has:

  • Attended most, if not all conferences since I’ve known him. That makes it at least 25 years of participation, support, and engagement of, for, and with the Community. 
  • During those 25 years, Rusty has been an avid presenter and co-presenter.
  • Served on the Steering Committee from 2007 – 2010 (3 years) as the Southern Regional Representative and for 3 years as a past, present, and future conference host.
  • Served as Board Secretary for 5 years (2013-2018).
  • Significant impact: Helped transition NETC into a 501c3.
  • Planned, executed, and hosted the 2010 NETC conference in Alabama.
  • Has a genuine desire and interest in helping the NETC to grow and thrive. Still involved during retirement.

Rusty has been a significant player in shaping the NETC we know today. He has participated in, engaged in, provided insight, counseled, and guided NETC actions over the years. Rusty’s commitment to NETC is evident in his involvement and support. For all of these reasons and more, I nominate Rusty Presley for the NETC Hall of Fame.

Submitted by: Steve Lichtensteiger

Rusty is another long-time officer of both the National Extension Technology Conference Steering committee and the National Extension Technology Community. Rusty was a part of the core group that worked many hours creating and modifying the by-laws in order that the organization could incorporate under IRS 501 (c) (3) regulations. Rusty served as board secretary for two 3-year terms.

Rusty is a NETC Founding member. Fifty-three individuals put down their own money to build a nest egg of funds to pay for IRS and State of Ohio filing to incorporate our organization.

Rusty has been a prolific presenter. A long-time favorite session has been the Gadgets and Gizmos session. Rusty has hosted this many times.

Rusty Presley portrait